Sparkling wine and other products

Our lively sparkling wines and other products
Nr.30 - 2017 Riesling trocken


The classic one-litre bottle. Crisp, fruity Riesling with a low alcohol content and fresh acidity: our Riesling in a one-litre bottle

Nr.31 - 2017 Müller- Thurgau trocken


The essential spritzer wine: our dry Müller-Thurgau

Nr.32 - 2016 Portugieser Rosé


Portugieser, lightly pressed; our semi-dry rosé in a one-litre bottle

Nr.37 - 2017 Inspiration Sommer


A light, irreverent Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Müller-Thurgau white cuvée. This semi-dry aged wine is very accessible and the perfect accompaniment for hot summer days.

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Nr.38 - 2016 Gewürztraminer


The well-known bouquet variety Gewürztraminer, aged semi-dry. Low acidity enhances the charming aroma of rose buds and yellow fruits.

Nr.39 - 2016 Schwarzriesling


A very light, fruity Pinot Meunier, aged semi-dry

Nr.41 - 2014 Dornfelder trocken


This powerful and fruity Dornfelder was allowed to mature in an old wooden barrel for 12 months. Its velvety and decent acidity enhances the pleasant bouquet.

Nr.42 - 2017 Dunkelfelder


This wine is the powerful and intensely dark flagship of the semi-dry reds.


Sekte & Perlweine

Nr.26 - 2017 Secco Riesling trocken


A light and lively Prosecco produced from Riesling grapes and aged dry

Nr.27 - 2017 Secco Rosé trocken


A lively, enjoyable rosé. Pressed from single origin Pinot Meunier and aged dry.

Nr.28 - 2015 Pinot Sekt brut nature


This premium sparkling wine was pressed from the classic Champagne grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay and entirely bottled, riddled and disgorged by hand.