What sets our wines apart

The Ehrhart winery has three quality grades for you to choose from: our estate wines are young, typical for the variety, and mature quickly – perfect and uncomplicated for every day. Local wines are aged to become precise, fine and fruity varietals or cuvée wines. Our top products, the single site wines, offer something truly special. Leinsweiler Sonnenberg Riesling, Pinot Noir or Pinot Blanc and Cuvée Bergwingert are precise in flavour, depth and origin. What qualities are you looking for in a wine? That’s what we’d like to know.
Estate wines

Uncomplicated young wines that mature quickly. They have a pleasant finish and are typical for the variety.

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Local wines

Local wines come from high quality traditional vineyards in the districts of Eschbach, Göcklingen, Ilbesheim and Leinsweiler. They can usually be enjoyed right after purchase, but often reveal their true potential after two to three years.

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Single site wines

The term single site wines refers to wines from the highest quality German vineyards. Our best site is Leinsweiler Sonneberg with its mineral-rich red standstone in the east and loess-streaked limestone in the south, followed by Ilbesheimer Rittersberg, where the soil has a high loess content. The wines in this category are without a doubt the best ones produced...

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Sparkling wine and other products

Our lively sparkling wines and other products

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