Single site wines

The term single site wines refers to wines from the highest quality German vineyards. Our best site is Leinsweiler Sonneberg with its mineral-rich red standstone in the east and loess-streaked limestone in the south, followed by Ilbesheimer Rittersberg, where the soil has a high loess content. The wines in this category are without a doubt the best ones produced by our estate.
Nr.20 - 2016 Sonnenberg Riesling


Sonnenberg single site Riesling: a spicy and delicate citrus scent and peach on the nose. A well-integrated, spontaneous aroma followed by the fine mineral quality of red sandstone.

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Nr.21 - 2015 Rittersberg Riesling


Fine citrus and peach notes on the nose followed by an earthy, mineral mid-palate. A clean, polished, fruity taste with a hint of ripe tannins on the palate.

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Nr.23 - Sonnenberg Spätburgunder


A punch of succulent cherry and berry on the palate followed by mineral spiciness and length. Elegant and polished style with a strong acidic bite.

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Nr.24 - 2015 Cuvée Bergwingert


Our new premium Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah Cuvée: Sonnenberg Cuvée Bergwingert. Aged for 25 months in the finest French barrique.

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